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Three Tips for Successful Online Dating

Online dating is a new experience for you? Well, believe it or not, online dating can be just as competitive, if not more, than usual or traditional dating. Do not let that discourage you, however. Many people have found the date, and often marriage, through online dating services. There are tips and strategies that can help you get your profile looking over your competitors online. Here are three strategic steps you can take that can give you the look and feel of the profile necessary to attract the kind of person you would love to meet.

Tip 1: Choose your best photos

Your photo is one of the most important factor that will attract people to your profile. First and foremost, make sure you have the last picture. Ensure that your pictures in bikini college spring break back in 1995 may be funny, but when your date meets you expecting you to look like you did in college, your date will be disappointed. This can create mistrust and cause your date to feel angry and cheated. It is never a good thing when trying to start a relationship.

Also, select which photos to show off your best features. Make sure you are wearing a friendly smile, it will be much more interesting than a serious pose or, obviously, frowning. Always avoid photos where you are with someone else, or, worse yet, you have chopped the other person out of the picture, only to leave the mysterious arm. Your date may be confused by people who actually you or wonder who the "mysterious arm" belongs.

Tip 2: Use your Username to Reveal Your Interests

You may think your username is just the way you to log in to your online dating service, but this did not happen. Your user name is one of the first things that someone will read about you and a good username can mean the difference between the profile and the profile view is passed. A common technique is to go with the traditional anonymous username like "Jenny321" but why miss a key opportunity to get someone's attention or reveal a little about yourself?

Make your username original and made him say a little something about your personality. Select "SweetSinger" as your user name if you sing a hobby or "DodgersDude" if you are an avid Dodgers fan looking for a company. Smart user name you will not only share a little about your personality or interests, but also can attract people with similar interests. But be careful not to give the wrong impression. Just because you interpret the username "FunLovin" means you like having fun, people who view your profile may be thinking "FunLovin" means you are looking for some lovin 'fun, if you know what I mean.

Tip 3: Do not Say It, Prove it! And Be Specific

When developing a description of your profile, you may be tempted to write something like this is just a boring list of adjectives "I'm funny and smart with a good sense of humor." ... The same adjectives that appear on thousands of other profiles. If you want your profile to really stand out, you need to describe yourself through specifics.

Instead of saying you're "cute" or have "good humor", make your profile cute. Crack a few tasteful jokes or relate a funny incident. This will prove to your audience what kind of humor you have. If a sense of humor that appeals to the viewer, they will contact you. Rather than simply stating that you are "smart", a list of your favorite book or your interest that will prove to you the viewer how smart you are. It will also give you some specific examples of the viewer that he would be able to relate to directly.

Remember, just because you have a profile up, does not mean you will immediately get a response. These three tips will definitely help, but playing around with the contents of your profile until you start getting the results you want. If no one responded to the interest list, put up some new ones. Switch your photos every once in a while to see what kind of response you receive. When you experiment with your online dating profile, you are expected to begin finding the answers you have been looking for